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American Heritage School is proud to announce the Annual K-9 Cause Art Auction benefiting the Broward Sheriff’s Foundation’s Retired Canine Relief Fund.


Everyone loves dogs! Police dogs, or K-9, are a special breed. Instead of enjoying the pampered pet lifestyle, K-9 dedicate their entire lives to working every day to protect and serve citizens in our community along with their fearless handlers.  They are actually considered law enforcement officers, whose duties include constant training, apprehending suspects, and searching for explosives, drugs, and missing persons.


When the K-9 retire, their law enforcement handlers graciously adopt them and continue to care for them, as these K-9 have become their friends for life. Recognizing that the medical and healthcare for these K-9 can get quite costly, the Broward Sheriff’s Foundation has established the Retired K-9 Healthcare Fund.  The money in this Fund pays for up to 50% of the wellness care costs for all retired K-9 from any local law enforcement agency in Broward County.


Inspired by a little boy’s passion for animals and art, American Heritage School is raising money to “fund this fund” by selling artistic renditions of these fine K-9.  Jackson Laurie, a fourth grader at American Heritage School, and his parents Douglas Laurie and Nikki Laurie-Van Allen have partnered with the National Art Honor Society and the award-winning Fine Arts faculty at American Heritage to create artwork of these very K-9 we are honoring.


American Heritage School will be hosting a Silent Auction for these original works of art, as well as a limited supply of prints for sale at our K-9 Cause event Saturday, April 20, 2024 on campus.  100% of all funds raised from this event will benefit the Broward Sheriff  Foundation’s Retired K-9 Relief Fund.


Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available.

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